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Systemic change refers to the change that reaches most or all parts of the system. Systemic change is needed when efforts to modify a certain aspect of the system fail to mend the issue. At the present moment, the United States is in desperate need of a systemic change.

As a matter of fact, a substantial number of Americans want a structural change in their country. Following the results of the 2020 elections, it is evident that at the present moment Americans are aware more than ever of the economical issues at hand, climate change and its detrimental effects on the globe, systemic racism as well as of the need to urgently address the covid-19 pandemic.

The current Biden-Harris administration understands the imperative needs of Americans as well as the importance for societal change and a system that is just for everyone: indigenous people, black people, white people and people of color. Those who have resisted the opression in the system for a very long period of time have been working hard on dismantling the injustices in all parts of the current system and moving towards a better nation that is based on equity, diversity, liberty and freedom.

In addition to that, Americans now realize the importance of working as a group hand in hand rather than individually. Although individual efforts are certainly important, they are, however, not enough for inducing change at a large scale. The latter requires that Americans work together simultaneously in order to tackle everything that is wrong in the current system. The majority of Americans believe that by taking those crucial steps, they will be able to show love for both their neighbors and their country as well as move towards a country that they are proud to live in.

At the current moment, the United States has both the capabilities and the necessary tool in order to implement the needed changes. This will be done through policies that are just to everyone in this country and that advance climate action, economical recovery, that is equitable, racial justice, as well as solutions for the current covid-19 pandemic.

With the new Biden-Harris administration, the United States has a great opportunity for embracing the systemic change challenge and tackling it head on.